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Hearts and Guts: A Metalocalypse Gift Exchange

We're here to make Valentine's Day metal.

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A Secret Valentine fic/art exchange for fans of the world's most brutal animated series

the comm

Welcome to Hearts and Guts, the web's first Metalocalypse-themed anonymous fic/art exchange! Never heard of such a thing?  Check out the FAQ to find out what this community is all about.  We also have a few rules here, for those who wish to participate.  And some quality guidelines, to make sure submissions are the best they can be. :)

Since Metalocalypse is intended for mature audiences, you must be over 13 to watch this community, and over 16 to participate.  Otherwise, everyone is welcome!  (However, we do ask that you respect ratings and avoid anything NC-17 unless you are of age.)

We're currently looking for pinch-hitters, beta readers, and art betas for the exchange.  If interested, click the link to fill in the form.  Please check the rules before you apply.  (If you're not sure what a pinch-hitter does, see the FAQ.)

Sign-ups for Round Six are now open!; The 2014/2015 schedule is as follows:
November 25th – Sign-ups open
December 9th – Sign-ups close
December 10th-20th – Assignments sent out
January 15th – Assignments due
February 2nd – Posting starts
March 1st – Big Reveal
If you're not a writer or an artist, you can still enjoy the exchange by reading and commenting; so feel free to watch this community.  Official posts, as well as all past fic and art submissions, are organized through our tags and memories.

Please note: this is a Valentine's exchange.  So for archiving purposes (tags/memories) each round will be labeled with the year that Valentine's Day falls in.

your mods

.supes_: head mod
Multi-shipper, geek wannabe.  Excessive TV-watcher.  Loves Ofdensen, snark, love/hate pairings, and asshole characters.  See also: Homestuck, Harry Potter, Hanna in Not a Boy's Name.  Identifies with Nathan.  Getting to like metal more purely thanks to this show.

.errant-swarm: helper mod
The fandom's resident Tribunal fanatic. Will talk your ear off about plot speculation, character analysis, and myth arcs for hours if you let them. Loves all kinds of music and is way too serious about comedy in general.

We're always happy to assist you!  You can contact us by email if you need any help, want to request an extension, etc.  Remember: for general questions, please refer to the FAQ instead.

credits, etc.

All graphics made by  .supes_. CSS is a slightly modified version of this layout by  .layouttesst.

Texture used in graphics from   .hgx
Original artwork special courtesy of   .saint_keith
Tiny icons made by   .minty-peach
Base profile code from  .refuted

Metalocalypse is © Brendon Small and Tommy Blacha, et al., who are not affiliated with this community.  No infringement is intended.